When you have a claim, you can search for an accredited repair shop that can fix your vehicle based on

  • Location.
  • Qualification and certification. If your vehicle contains complex materials such as aluminum, you can find shops that are qualified and certified to repair your vehicle. (For vehicles with complex materials, specialized training, equipment, repair methods and facilities may be required to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) requirements.)

This repair shop search tool is intended for non-commercial cars and trucks. It will give you a list and map of potential repair shops, based on location and qualification/certification to repair your vehicle make and model. You can use this information when deciding where to take your vehicle for repairs.

For additional information on OEM certification and qualification programs, see our Vehicles with Complex Materials page or contact your OEM or dealership.

To search for glass repairs, winter tire retailers, brokers, immobilizer installers and Service or Claim Centres, click here.

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