Chapter 6: Driving Responsibly

In this chapter

    Passing vehicles can pose a serious threat to the safety of construction workers on or near the roadway.

    When driving through construction zones, slow down, watch for workers and drive with caution, as lanes may be closed and traffic may be redirected. Keep enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you and be ready to make a sudden stop.

    Construction zones will be marked by traffic control devices, including pylons or signage, at their beginning and end. A flagperson may also be in the construction zone to help direct the flow of traffic. You must obey the directions of the flagperson, including slowing down or stopping.

    In a designated construction zone, identified at the start and the end by a special sign, the set fines for speeding over the posted speed limit will be doubled, regardless of whether workers or equipment are present, and regardless of whether the speed limit has been reduced.

    Failing to use caution or exceeding the maximum speed limit while driving through a construction zone can result in severe consequences under The Highway Traffic Act. In addition to a significant fine, you may also move down the Driver Safety Rating scale, which affects how much you pay for your driver’s licence and vehicle registration, and receive possible driver improvement action up to and including driver’s licence suspension.

    Road work sign
    Fin de construction ends sign
    Designated construction zone sign