Chapter 8: Backing and Parking

In this chapter

    It’s illegal to park:

    • on a sidewalk
    • across the entrance to any driveway, back lane or intersection
    • within three metres from the point on the curb or edge of the roadway immediately opposite a fire hydrant
    • on a crosswalk or within three metres of a crosswalk
    • within 15 metres of a pedestrian corridor
    • within nine metres of a stop sign or other traffic sign or signal posted at an intersection
    • within 30 metres of the nearest rail of a railway crossing, unless otherwise posted
    • within six metres of a driveway entrance to a fire station, unless otherwise posted
    • on a roadway beside another vehicle that is already parked
    • at a curve on the highway outside a city, town or village, when the vehicle cannot be clearly seen from at least 60 metres in each direction upon the highway
    • in such a manner that it becomes a hazard or that is contrary to any section of The Highway Traffic Act or any municipal bylaw