Chapter 9: Vehicle Equipment and Fuel Efficiency

In this chapter

    All drivers and passengers must wear the complete seatbelt assembly, where a seatbelt assembly is provided, unless exempted by law.

    Ensure the seatbelt is worn properly:

    • It must be snug over the shoulder and across the hips.
    • The seatbelt fabric must be flat and not twisted.
    • The seatbelt must be kept over the shoulder and not under the arm as this could cause serious injury in a collision.
    • It’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure that every minor in the vehicle is properly secured.

      Automatic seatbelt assemblies should not be used to restrain children in infant/child car seats or booster seats situated in the front passenger seat. This refers to a seatbelt that automatically locks into place when the door is closed. Consult your owner’s manual regarding the securement of infant or child restraints in this seating position.

      No person shall operate a motor vehicle where the seatbelt assembly has been removed or has been modified to reduce its effectiveness

      Vehicle collisions are the leading cause of the head injuries suffered by thousands of Manitobans every year. Seatbelts play a significant role in reducing head injuries and saving lives.