His life matters.


They all do.

The 100 Manitobans that die on our roads each year are leaving behind vibrant lives and futures – as well as family and friends who will have to pick up the pieces. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, grandparents and best friends. Learn more about who they could be:

  • I'm Sophie. My dad and I love hockey. He says that one day I'm going to play for Team Canada. But I'm number 100.

  • I'm Matt. I'm going to ask Lisa to marry me. We just bought our first house. But I'm number 15.

  • I'm Luke. I love space. My dad and I are building a rocket for my science fair at school. But I'm number 89.

  • I'm Diane. I'm a new grandma and I'm looking forward to retirement. But I'm number 32.

  • I'm Natasha. I'm excited about my new promotion. Now Brad and I can buy a cabin next summer. But I'm number 27.

  • I'm Brad. Work is finally slowing down. I really want to spend more time with Natasha and the kids. But I'm number 30.

  • I'm Scott. I love working on cars. If I make the honour roll this fall, my dad says he'll get me one we can rebuild together. But I'm number 28.

  • I'm Mackenzie. I just started Grade 12. I can't wait to graduate and be a graphic designer. But I'm number 29.

  • I’m Dylan. I just moved back to Manitoba from Ontario. I’ve been catching up with my friends and signed a lease on an apartment in Osborne Village last week. But I’m number 9.

But we can save them. We know what to do. Next month, learn more about the role you play in #savethe100.